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Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo have released a series of Gubbi Gubbi language words to teach and share the Gubbi Gubbi language with the local community. Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo Group Inc. have an established Gubbi Gubbi language advisory group and are working towards reviving it to its fullest.

Language is a part of who we are. It connects us to our culture and history. Traditionally, language was essential and shared. Learning was often through observation and using what was at hand. Neighbouring groups would share their language with one another to communicate and trade items and materials.

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We encourage schools and early learning / childcare centres to share the Gubbi Gubbi language in their classrooms. We recommend printing and displaying our posters to engage and share the Gubbi Gubbi language. If you are sharing language words in your classroom, consultation with Traditional Owners (who have experience in teaching language) is recommended to ensure it is done appropriately and authentically.

Please note that teaching the Gubbi Gubbi language extensively in your classroom or early learning / childcare centre must be done by a Gubbi Gubbi Traditional Owner who has support from an established Gubbi Gubbi Language Advisory Group.

If you are interested in introducing and having the Gubbi Gubbi language taught at your school or early learning / childcare centre, please send us an email via our contact us page.

Want to learn more Gubbi Gubbi language?
Bulu Yabun have written two Aboriginal Language Children’s Books called ‘Gubbi Gubbi Animal Friends’ and ‘Gubbi Gubbi Bush Tucker Girl’. Each book teaches the Gubbi Gubbi language in a storytelling format about animals and bush tucker found on Gubbi Gubbi Country. See Bulu Yabun’s website link below for retail stock list or contact Bulu Yabun via email for book orders.
Website: www.buluyabun.com/languagebooks
Email: bulu.yabun@gmail.com

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Traditionally, the Gubbi Gubbi people had a numbering system from one to four, then many. The main reason is that person/ people, places or things/items have an identity and a connection to Country. For the Gubbi Gubbi people, it is our personal relationship that is important, not how many things there are.

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