“Hieroglyphics in Ochre” at The Caboolture Library

“Hieroglyphics in Ochre” by Christine Stuart of Bulu Yabun
On display now at the Caboolture Library Meeting Place.

The Gubbi Gubbi people often had visitors at their camps. When there was no common oral language the Aboriginals shared their news by writing it down. ‘Hieroglyphics’ in Ochre by Bulu Yabun  www.buluyabun.com

Donated by Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo Group Inc.

In English, this story reads:

  1. An adult and a child travelled on a long journey over mountains to a good camping area.
  2. At the good camping area the adult  sat with many people and spoke of their long journey.
  3. They shared news in the sun and pointed to the smoke  and the clouds which promised heavy rain.
  4. The man pointed to the river where he hunted for kangaroo and emu.
  5. The many people sat by the big waterhole eating bush tucker and delicious grubs.
  6. Above the forest lights of the stars and the moon watched over the camp.
  7. As the sun came up the whole community went to spear many fish.
  8. Many people sang, danced and played their clapsticks to celebrate.

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